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In general, we recommend DISABLING PRINTER UPDATES on ALL PRINTERS, and to never agree to updates (automatic or otherwise) if you want to continue to be able to use lower cost 3rd party / remanufactured cartridges.

To disable automatic updates for the W2030A/W2030X/ series printers -

1. Click Setup on the printer display (gear icon)

2. Click service

3. Click LaserJet Update, then click Manage Updates

4. Click on “automatic check” and set a check mark to “Off”, then repeat the process for the item “Allow updates”

For the CF259A/CF259X series printers:

1. Press the “OK” button and then the “Settings” tab

2. Click through the menu and press “Print Expectation”

3. Then press the menu item “Update firmware”

4. In the menu item “Update firmware” you will find the settings: “Update Settings” and “Allow updates.”

5. At both points set the check mark to “off”


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