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I am interested to know if anyone has experienced any quality or compatibility issues with...

these remanufactured HP 7610 or HP 8600 inkjet cartridges. I'm a BIG believer in "you get what you pay for" so, I'm on the fence about moving forward and ordering!
Also, how has the experiences been with any inkjet cartridges issues being solved?

I appreciate the feedback...

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All these remanufactured cartridges comes with one year replacement warranty as per the website which I believe is good enough for a user to bring up any issues if they may  face  with them.

The Only thing you have to make sure is to NEVER update  your printer's firmware which may then render the use of these cartridges and then the user will only have to buy OEM HP cartridges which are much costlier as you know...

Still Having said that it's always recommended to try these atleast once so you can compare them with the OEM cartridges and see the difference.


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