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The 1537 error code indicates that the Ink System Pressure Sensor reports low pressure. for a cartridge(s) which leaks Pressure or the Pressure tubes/unit.

 You can Test Ink Cartridges for pressure leaks with the Steps as follows

1. Place a tube on the Air Pressure Inlet for each Cartridge.

2. Blow gently into the tube to inflate the Cartridge.

3. A Cartridge with pressure leak will never fully inflate. A good Cartridge will stop accepting air, eventually.


Try this below

Please turn your printer off then back on after a minute. If it starts up and displays “READY” on the LCD panel, try making a test print. If you get the error message again, open both cartridge bay doors and check all your carts to make sure none are leaking, then reinstall and make sure the back of all carts are level with each other before closing the cartridge bay doors, and the printer should then read the chips and pressurize the carts. If the error returns, please check the carts by following the procedure below.

To determine which refillable cartridge is causing the pressurization problem, open the two cartridge bay doors, unlock and remove the set of refill carts, then install the set of OEM Epson carts

  1. Put All Epson carts in
  2. Take out left most Epson cart,Insert the Refilled cartridge in place
  3. Close and wait and verify.(Each time close the ink bays the cartridges pressurize. Time how long the initial pressurization takes. The one that is a problem will take longer and will probably throw an error.)
  4. Repeat the process with all the carts till you find the which is leaking.

You would have to replace the bad cartridge with a New one after you find the one which gives you the trouble.


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