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1. Never turn the machine off , let it go to sleep mode and save ink avoiding initiation and processing every time the machine is turned on. Try to use your printer at least two or three times a week. By doing so the print head will remain clear and there will be little chance of ink drying inside the print head resulting in poor print outs.

2. Use a good quality ink. We offering both Re-manufactured/Compatible inks and Premium Brand compatible inks - Made in USA.

 3. Never run your ink cartridges until they are dry. This eventually will lead to your print head dying or at the least air being introduced into the print head resulting in low grade print outs.

4. Never remove an ink cartridge and rapidly shake it to check if it has ink inside. This is a common mistake which people make when their printer isn't printing correctly. By shaking an ink cartridge it simply aerates the ink and introduces air into the print head or the line which feeds the print head. This can be very difficult to remove.

5. Never do more than 5 print head cleans at the most. If your printer is not showing signs of improvement after this many cleans then you may need print-head cleaning Flush systems which you can buy from us.

6. Avoid printing only in black and white. Although inkjet printers still use the colors when printing in black and white it is highly recommended to print a color page every so often to keep the ink flowing freely from the print head.

7. Clean your printer out every so often with a vacuum or low pressure air gun. This may help prolong the life of the drive gear and the paper rollers. Also try cleaning the paper rollers every so often as this helps to prevent them becoming shiny and resulting in paper jam.


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