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I've tried refilling a couple HP 61XL black cartridges using the premium universal inkjet refill kit, but with both of them they will print one page perfectly and then print very streaky after that. If I wait several hours, it will print another page perfectly and then continue to print very streaky after that. I have let the cartridges sit for more than 24 hours. What can I do?

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Fold a piece of damp kitchen tissue (or any other non fibrous tissue) a couple of times and clean the printhead making sure there is no dried ink or dirt on the printhead. For best results make sure the water is warm.
Then sit the cartridge(s) on some moist kitchen roll making sure the bottom on the cartridge (where the ink comes out from) is in contact with the kitchen roll.
Leave the cartridge sitting on the tissue for 20 minutes, and then re-insert the cartridge back into the printer

Now do a few head cleans/Nozzle cleans through the printer software to get the ink flowing

PLEASE NOTE: If, before you refill your cartridge, your cartridge is already printing with streaks, smudges or lines, or if the cartridge's printheads have dried considerably due to non-use, your cartridge is defective or exhibiting signs of defect, and "refilling" it will not bring it back to life. Our Inkjet Refill Kits are intended to refill functional inkjet cartridges. We recommend refilling an inkjet cartridge before it completely empties and while it is still printing well, or very soon after it empties so the printheads don't dry beyond repair.


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