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What is the volume (CCs) of the bottles of each ink? I use a lot more black. Do you have a pack with a double size black?

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The ink bottles equivalent to the Epson 502 hold 127ml (Black) and 70ml (each Cyan, Magenta, Yellow). There is a 4 pack of compatible ink bottles for $24.99 here:


Below are the Epson equivalent items and capacity:

Manufacturer Part number Description Common name

Epson 502 black Black Ink Bottle; 127ml. 7500 Pgs Epson 502 Black Ink Tank

Epson 502 combo Combo Pack; 1ea K/C/M/Y Epson 502 Combo Pack Ink Tanks

Epson 502 cyan Cyan Ink Bottle; 70ml. 6K Pgs Epson 502 Cyan Ink Tank

Epson 502 magenta Magenta Ink Bottle; 70ml. 6K Pgs Epson 502 Magenta Ink Tank

Epson 502 yellow Yellow Ink Bottle; 70ml. 6K Pgs Epson 502 Yellow Ink Tank

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Here is a link to video below to see how it works:



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