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See attached for full instructions including pics of below.

  1. Open the the inner cover (B) and push it down all the way to the bottom.
  2. Pull the Carriage Tray towards the front of the machine. You may find resistance when the bottom of the Head Set Lever hits the back of the front edge. The Head Set Lever will move forward as it slides above that front edge.
  3. Use your finger tips to grab the top of the center tab and pull out the print head. You will notice the front of the print head will drop face down as you pull it out of the machine.
  4. Now go to section Installing (or Reseating) the Print Head.

Installing (or Reseating) the Print Head:
  1. If you are installing a replacement print head, remove it from its packaging.
  2. Hold the center tab of the replacement print head, with the front of the print head facing down (so you can see the back of the print head (green circuit board)), and ensure the two tabs on the front, bottom corners of the print head are inserted into the rails on either side of the print head holder.
  3. Now slide the replacement print head into the machine.
    As the print head slides into the holder, it will start to sit in an upright position.
  4. Once the print head is seated in the print head holder, push the Head Set Lever towards the back of the machine.
  5. Close the inner cover.

Please click here to download attachment link

Please click here to download attachment link

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