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We now offer PREMIUM: MADE IN THE USA toner cartridges for HP and Brother Laser Printers - Made by Xerox. These are alternatives to our value-line cartridges, and also a perfect alternative to the genuine HP or Brother cartridges. They are offered at approximately 30-40% off the OEM prices.

These cartridges are being offered as an ADDITIONAL product offering to our existing product line and are available for most HP and BROTHER toner cartridges. 

So for HP and Brother toner cartridges, we will now be offering: 
1. OEM Cartridges
2. Reman Cartridges (by Xerox)
3. Our regular compatible/reman cartridges
4. Refill Kits 

While our customers enjoy a very high satisfaction rate with our very low priced "value-line" cartridges and refill kits, some customers prefer "Made in the USA".

We have spent over 2 years testing and developing "100% Made in the USA" cartridges for the most popular printers, and they are finally here!

What you can expect:

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • 100% Guarantee (2 Years)
  • 98-100% Quality
  • 40-50% Savings

(quality and savings compared to original brand cartridges)

Here is a high level comparison between our standard "value line" cartridges vs Xerox Made vs OEM:
   Quality (compared to OEM)   Price (compared to OEM) 
Value-Line Remanufactured/Compatibles  94 -  98% *  50-60% OFF
Xerox-Made Remanufactured  98 - 100% *  40-50% OFF
OEM (Genuine Brand)  100%  N/A

* Quality ranges based on speed/color of the printer. For HIGH SPEED and COLOR laser printers, quality is more challenging, and Xerox has higher quality than our Value-Line offering. The Xerox Quality is "OEM like", meaning it is the same or extremely similar to the OEM. After all, Xerox is an OEM, and they invented laser printers, so they have the best product on the market for HP and Brother, at 30-40% off HP and Brother genuine prices.


These Xerox Brand cartridges come with a 100% guarantee. If any issues with a Xerox Cartridge, you have direct access to a Xerox technician who will either solve your problem or send you a replacement:  

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