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If you have bought our "no ink level monitoring" cartridges for the HP 950XL / 951XL, note that these are professionally remanufactured (which means the cartridge was once an original HP brand, used, and then collected and professionally remanufactured – filled with new ink and any worn parts replaced, then tested and sealed before shipping).

They should give you approximately the same page yield and quality as the original brand.

The chip technology on this cartridge is very complicated. HP wants you to keep buying original 

cartridges from them, so they make their printers very sensitive to the chip on the cartridge and 

will show you a number of warning messages on installation. Don’t worry! You are able to 

override / ignore the HP messages!

WARNING 1: “The original HP ink in 1 or more cartridges has been depleted” – click OK

WARNING 2: “HPs cartridge warranty does not cover non-HP ink or cartridges” – click OK

WARNING 3: “HP cannot guarantee the quality or reliability” – click OK

Final Note: Since these remanufactured cartridges were previously used, your HP printer won’t recognize 

the ink level inside the cartridges, so it will show you that you have “empty” cartridges. You can ignore 

this low or out of ink level sensor, and continue to print knowing that the cartridges are 100% filled.

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