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Toner cartridges come in 2 types. Some printers have cartridges that are made of 2 sections, one that houses the toner and the drum as well as the waste hopper.  Other printers accept a separate toner cartridge, and a separate drum cartridge.  The latter are usually color cartridges, except for Brother laser printers which almost always take type 2 (separate toner cartridge, and separate drum cartridge. Example the TN350 toner cartridge by Brother is separate the the DR350 drum cartridge).

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While both of these components are vital to producing a print, it’s often a common misconception that toner cartridges and drum units are the same thing – although they’re not. In short, the toner cartridge is a container that contains the toner powder, whereas the drum unit is an electrically charged cylinder that transfers the powder onto paper. Without a drum unit, the toner powder is unable to be transferred onto a piece of paper, which is why both parts are essential components for producing a print.

Example the TN350 toner cartridge by Brother is separate with the DR350 drum cartridge where "DR" stands for the drum and "TN" stands for the toner cartridge.


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