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If you have printed a document and are unsatisfied with the print quality, you will need to ensure that you have removed the pull tab that covers the ink port. 
If you have already removed the pull tab, you may need to perform a cleaning cycle to improve the quality of the print
To perform a cleaning cycle, first go to the Start menu.
Next, go to the Control Panel.
Next, go to Printers and Faxes.
Right click on your Printer and select Properties.
Select Printing Preferences.
Select the Maintenance Tab.
Select Head Cleaning.
Select Start. 
(Please be aware that cleaning your print head does consume ink; and therefore, should only be completed when necessary.)
Once the cleaning cycle is complete, select Finish.
When the cycle is complete, your printer will print a test page.
Once the test page has been printed you may select DONE, or you can also perform another cleaning cycle if you are not satisfied with the test page.
If the print on your test page is satisfactory, you may return to the document you wish to print and resume printing.
If your test page is unsatisfactory after performing the cleaning cycles, you may need to replace your inkjet cartridge.

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