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If you have printed a document and are unsatisfied with the print quality, you may need to perform a cleaning cycle in order to improve the quality of your print.
Please attempt the following procedures in order to do so.  Please keep in mind that this process may vary by Printer, and that you may also consult your printer’s user manual for instructions on performing a cleaning cycle.
Please press the Ink button on your printer.
Next select the up or down arrow key (??? ???) until you see Cleaning.
Press Set.
Use the arrow keys to scroll to black, color or all and press Set for the color or colors you want to clean.
You will observe your printer performing a cleaning cycle.
Your printer will display “Completed” to indicate that the cycle is finished.
Press the Ink Button, and use the arrow keys until you see “Test Print”.
Press Set.
Select Print Quality and press set.
Select start.
After the test page has been printed, use the Yes or No button to indicate whether the print quality is satisfactory.
If the print quality is still not satisfactory, you may perform another cleaning cycle.
Please be aware that cleaning your print head does consume ink; and therefore, should only be completed when necessary.
If the print on your test page is satisfactory, you may return to the document you wish to print and resume printing.
If your test page is unsatisfactory after performing the cleaning cycles, you may need to replace your inkjet cartridge.

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