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The Canon CLI226 and PGI225 cartridges use a chip, which monitors the ink level in your cartridge. After
the cartridge is empty, the chip will read empty, so when you refill the cartridge you will need to “Reset”
the chip so it registers as full again.
Push the cartridge down so that the chip touches the contact pins of the resetter. You will see a red light
flash through the resetter. This means that the chip of the cartridge has made good contact with the pins on
the resetter. Hold the cartridge in place, and the light will flash again after a couple of seconds indicating a
successful reset.

Please note that this resetter is designed to reset OEM (original brand) chips. It is not possible to test it or develop it to work on all types of 3rd party compatible chips, while we know that it does work on 3rd party compatible chips that we have tested, we cannot guarantee that it will work on all compatible chips, but it is guaranteed to work on the original brand chips.

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Please click here to download attachment link

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